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Beste Spielothek in Midering finden

Beste Spielothek in Midering finden

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Your router will download and install it automatically, so no action is needed from you. This release fixes for following issues: What's new in Client Security for Mac F-Secure Client Security for Mac To find out the latest information about the Client Security for Mac Client Security for Mac What are the system requirements for Client Security for Mac This article lists the system requirements for Client Security for Mac Recommended hardware requirements Intel processor MB of free disk space 1 GB or more of memory An Internet connection is required to validate your subscription and receive updates Supported operating systems macOS version Wacom Pen drivers may break F-Secure products.

Diagnosis Our tests indicate that some HP laptops, such as HP x and most likely also other models that have a touchscreen with a Wacom Pen, are not compatible with some of our products.

Evidently, the Wacom Pen driver is conflicting with fscuif. It may also be that the laptops have a touchpad that uses Wacom. Anyway, it seems that if Wacom is installed, the installation of the F-Secure product will fail.

Solution To fix the issue, do one of the following: Remove Wacom or upgrade the Wacom Pen's driver to the newest version 7. However, you can set this yourself as follows: Freedome for Android Problem solution.

Diagnosis This issue is due to the recent enablement of the multicasting functionality in firmware version 1. Solution Guest network configuration needs to be re-applied.

However, you need to toggle the main guest network switch off and then on again. Note that the settings must be saved after each setting change.

I'm using Salesforce Data Export tool. Can F-Secure Cloud Protection analyze all exported attachments during the export process?

We don't analyze exported files during the export process. However, all files have already been analyzed both during the upload phase and on every download provided that the files are stored to Salesforce Files.

The F-Secure Cloud Protection application comes with a number of privacy-related settings that can be configured on the Administration page.

These settings control whether the F-Secure Cloud Protection app is allowed to send complete files for malware and advanced threat scanning and whether copies of suspicious files can be saved for further analysis by F-Secure Labs.

By default, the privacy settings can be modified by any user who has the F-Secure Cloud Protection Admin permission sets assigned.

To prevent intentional or accidental changes, you can enable the so-called Privacy Admin role and assign it to users who will have permissions to change the privacy settings.

To enable the Privacy Admin role for specific users in your Salesforce organization: Finally, click Save to create the permission set. Open the newly created permission set and click Manage Assignments: Select the desired users and click Assign: To complete the assignment, click Done: The Scheduled Scanning feature in F-Secure Cloud Protection allows you to re scan Salesforce files and attachments for harmful and disallowed content at regular intervals daily, weekly, monthly and predefined times.

When you create a scheduled scan job, the current manual scan settings will be used as the basis for the scheduled scan. Nevertheless, the scheduled scan settings are independent from the manual scan settings, and can be changed if need be.

To create a scheduled scan job: Choose to scan content based on either the creation time or the modification time: For the start date, set a date which would produce the desired date range within which the files were created or modified.

The current date is September 1. Define scan and notification settings. Select the maximum number of files to scan.

Click first the Scheduled Scanning section to open it, and then click the Create button. You will be redirected to the Schedule Apex page: Configure the scheduled scan job by defining the following values: The scheduled scan job is created and will be executed according to your specifications.

If you later want to modify the frequency, start and end dates, or the preferred start time of the scheduled scan job, you first have to delete the existing scheduled job and then create a new one.

Related information How can I change the scheduled scan settings in the custom object? How can I change the scheduled scan settings in the custom object?

To modify the scheduled scan settings: The Open window is displayed: The desired object is shown in the middle column. To open the custom object, click the Open button.

The following panel is displayed: Click the Query Editor tab, type the following query in the edit box: A list of query results are displayed: From the query results, select the record with name Scheduled Scan Settings.

If the Scheduled Scan Settings record is not shown in the query results, it means that the scheduled scan job has not yet been created.

To create a scheduled scan job, see article How can I create and configure a scheduled scan with F-Secure Cloud Protection? The field contains scheduled scan settings in JSON format.

Copy and paste the JSON string to a text editor, such as https: An example of the JSON string formatted with jsonviewer with scheduled scan job settings: To change the date range within which the created or modified files are to be scanned, modify the "lastDaysToScan" setting.

To save the changes and commit them to the database. The new scheduled scan settings will be taken into use next time the scheduled scan job is executed.

Expired subscription on Computer Protection endpoint. When the subscription on the Computer Protection Windows endpoint client expires, it locks its functionality.

To get back to normal mode, you need a valid subscription. If your product is managed by PSB, contact your administrator who may extend the subscription currently assigned to you or assign a new valid subscription.

As soon as the administrator extends or replaces the subscription, the client automatically resumes its normal functionality.

SENSE firmware release 1. The release improves support for multicast routing and improves communication with the backend systems. Released on October 1, You can manually assign F-Secure Cloud Protection licenses to selected users in the following way: The Assign Licenses dialog opens: The search box supports partial and full match: Also it's possible to use the percent sign to cover inner parts which may be any, i.

To assign the license to the user, click the Assign button. To assign the license to all users retrieved by the search, click the Assign All button.

If you want to remove the license from an individual user or all users, click Remove or Remove All respectively. While assigning licenses manually, you can create an automatic license assignment rule from the Assign Licenses dialog.

You can test your search based on existing users and save it by clicking Add Automatic Rule so that new users meeting the search criteria will get F-Secure license automatically.

Related information How can I assign licenses with automatic rules? How can I assign licenses with automatic rules? Although it may be easier to validate the automatic assign rule conditions in the Assign Licenses window, you can also use the Automatic License Assignments window to assign licenses.

The Automatic license assignments dialog opens, showing the existing automatic license assignment rules, if any. In the dialog, you can also delete existing rules and add new ones.

To add a new automatic license assignment rule, define the search criteria for the syntax of the rule, see article How can I manually assign licenses to selected users in F-Secure Cloud Protection?

The rule will be added to the table below, and you can add more rules: The rules you add are read using "OR" between the lines.

In other words, in the above example, the rules mean that licenses are assigned automatically to new users where Department contains "Sales" or Profile contains "System".

If you make a mistake in any of the license assignment rules, you can just select the rule and delete it by clicking the trash bin icon.

To be protected against harmful and disallowed content, an F-Secure Cloud Protection license must be assigned to each user in your Salesforce organization.

Select the All users license mode if you have purchased F-Secure Cloud Protection licenses for all users in your Salesforce organization. In this mode, all existing and new users will automatically get the license.

Select Selected users license mode if you have purchased F-Secure Cloud Protection licenses only for a specific group of users, such as the Community users.

In this mode, the F-Secure Cloud Protection license must be assigned to each individual user. Symptoms The user sees the following error message: Browsing protection is not yet supported in the Safari 12 browser.

Solution Update on October 12, SAFE for Mac If don't want to wait for the automatic update but want to install the latest version immediately, log in to your My F-Secure and install it manually.

In the meantime, you can also use one of the alternative browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to have access to their browsing protection features.

Problem solution Safe for Mac. This article in other languages: For example, the page has links to protection software for your PC and Mac computers.

On the device, open up your web browser. In the address bar, type in http: By using this website, you agree with our use of cookies.

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